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I played with watercolors!

I also have a backlog of sketches that I finally scanned.
Again, pretty much the whole thing is Final Fantasy fanart.

A present for Cendri

Inspired by Cendri's Cardinal Rules and Rookie Training.  Because after rereading that too many times (and lol-ing myself silly) I had this itch to draw schoolboy!Tseng. 


I was doodling during church today -- as always.  I tried to draw Lucrecia realistically, just for fun.  And because I think she's pretty. 
When I got home, I saw my Prismacolor markers sitting by the computer, and then I realized it had been forever since I'd colored anything.  So I decided I'd give it a go.
The little Lucrecia chibi is a product of more boredom during church...
So, to counteract real life angst, I drew some stuff. (Though really I shouldn't be online; I should be writing a speech for Japanese tomorrow...)

Dug through my sketchbook and found a few things I forgot I drew that I figured I ought to put up here. 

First post

All right, all right.  I think the first thing I ought to do is explain why I've got this thing in the first place.  This is just a place for me to talk about my ideas/sketches/fanart.  That sort of thing.  Most of the stuff I post here won't be finished and nice-looking; those will more likely go on my devART. 


Let's get down to business.  (to defeat! The huns!)

I've actually been sketching a little bit lately! All Final Fantasy VII fanart.